• PLC Controls Allen Bradley PLC Control System provides open, reliable, ease of troubleshooting, and simplified operation and support

    • Turret Stainless Steel Hardened Die Table, Increased Strength & Wear Resistance, Mirror Finish Improves Cleaning, B & D Sizes Available with Additional Stations

    • Single Piece Discharge Chute Quick Change, Incorporates Tablet Reject and Sampling, Tablet Chute Backup Sensing

    • Elite Feeder Assemblies Quick Change, Three (3) Paddle Design

    • Hopper Incorporates Butterfly Valve for improved powder flow regulation, Low Hopper Sensing

    • Long Dwell & Fill Time Ideal tablet press for difficult running products by incorporating a long cam cycle and feeder zone

    • Card Reader Simplify User Management with utilization of employee badge reader (Indala or HID Compatible)

Machine Specifications

D Size B Size BB Size
Number of Stations 37 or 39 45 or 51 61
Press Output (Max) TPM 3,900 5,100 6,100
Press Output (Max) TPH 234,000 306,000 366,000
Avg Press Output (50% capacity) 117,000 153,000 183,000
Depth Of Fill mm (Max) 21 18 18
Die Diameter mm 38.1 30.16 24
Upper Punch Entry mm (Max) 6 6 6
Pre Compression (Tons) 1 1 1
Main Compression (Tons) 10 6.5 6.5
Dimensions 1.26 x 1.28 x 1.91 m
Net Weight 2,840 kg
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