• PLC Controls Allen Bradley PLC Control System provides open, reliable, ease of troubleshooting, and simplified operation and support

    • Bilayer Optional Ideal bilayer tablet press with 8MM Punch Penetration on 1st Layer Pre Compression Roll, 1st Layer Rcirculation System Included in Bilayer Kit

    • Turret Stainless Steel Hardened Die Table, Increased Strength & Wear Resistance, Mirror Finish Improves Cleaning, B & D Sizes Available with Additional Stations

    • Single Piece Discharge Chute Quick Change, Incorporates Tablet Reject and Sampling, Tablet Chute Backup Sensing

    • Elite Feeder Assemblies Quick Change, Three (3) Paddle Design

    • Hopper Incorporates Butterfly Valve for improved powder flow regulation, Low Hopper Sensing

    • HMI Swing Arm Accessible and adjustable user interaction with the press and HMI

    • On Machine Controls Eliminate standalone cabinet with connecting cables

    • Card Reader Simplify User Management with utilization of employee badge reader (Indala or HID Compatible)

Double Sided Machine Specifications

D Size B Size BB Size
Number of Stations 49 61 75
Press Output (Max) TPM 6,537 8,137 10,005
Press Output (Max) TPH 392,196 488,244 600,300
Avg Press Output (50% capacity) 196,098 244,122 300,150
Depth Of Fill mm (Max) 20.63 17.46 17.46
Die Diameter mm 38.1 30.16 24
Upper Punch Entry mm (Max) 8 8 8
Main Compression (Tons) 10 6.5 6.5
Pre Compression (Tons) 1 1 1
Dimensions 1.27 x 1.49 x 2.08 m
Net Weight 3,745 kg
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